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Unforgettable alien world to explore

A vast, open world that contains four unique biomes, each filled with extraordinary flora and strange fauna. What wonders, or horrors, lie ahead will surely be unforgettable.

Hophopop creature


Unique mutation system

Although Trebhum's are generally frail and start their lives at the very bottom of the world's food chain, they have the unique ability to mutate and unlock new skills by consuming natural edibles which populate the game world. So, players must explore and experiment with a vast array of fruits, flora and alien creatures to unlock new powers and gameplay options.

Be unique

A trebhum for everyone

Enjoy a rich variety of Trebhum designs, as each mutations combine with one another to create surprising new creatures. This allows your herd to continue to evolve as you explore new areas.

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The Biomes

Players must explore a gorgeous world which is populated with unforgettable vistas and unique landscapes which have something new to discover around every corner.

Savannah biome imageOmnogrom creature

The Savanna is a wild and beautiful region, noted for the diversity of its flora and fauna. Food and water are plentiful, and the land is rich with natural resources. But one should not mistake this beauty for safety; life in the Savannah is harsh, and dangers abound.

Tundra biome imageTripobosh creature

The Tundra is cold and freezing, but it's far from being a wasteland. Even here, life has adapted and found a way to flourish. Amongst the snow and the crystals grow vast, colorful plants, their roots stretching deep under the permafront, that play host to a unique ecosystem. In the furthest reaches of the Tundra, there are unique crystal formations that seem to have attracted the attention of the Eternal Cylinder's servants.

Desert biome imageGreat gaarh creature

This inhospitable land was once home to an advanced, technologically sophisticated civilization. Now the structures they built stand empty, exposed to the wind and sand. But perhaps somewhere deeper in the Desert, where the sun burns hottest, something still remains of the world that was.

Another biomeServant unifier creature

Something terribly wrong has happened here. It's as if the land itself is being taken over, merging with an alien force. A dangerous place for an unprepared Trebhum.

Game Screenshots

Eternal Cylinder Environment Screenshot

The Creatures

The world of The Eternal Cylinder is populated with more than 30 memorable, handcrafted alien creatures. Players must learn their unique behaviors and discover surprising ways to utilize the natural food chain to their advantage.

A highly aggressive herbivore endemic to the Tundra. Its tail club is capable of generating tremendous amounts of force against opponents, whether of its own species (particularly during the mating season) or any other creature perceived as a threat. The tentacles surrounding its mouth, which it uses to search for food in the snow, are in fact a type of polyp colony that exists in an endosymbiotic relationship with the Buddugh Gropp, extending all the way to its brain and stomach.

Buddugh Gropp

Buddugh Gropp

A large tripodal desert omnivore notable for its unusual hunting method, which involves inverting its mode of locomotion and using the spines on its back to trap and injure its prey. Due to its size, it has very few predators.



The Frozen Sklaa (Algidosaurus horribilis) is a specialist species highly adapted to life in the Tundra. It has the ability to form a layer of ice shards around its body, which act as a protective and offensive shell. Its ice-covered extremities act as spears with which it can stab its prey.

Frozen Sklaa

Sklaa creature

The Shelled Grollusc (Oikoscaphus variabilis) is a species of small frugivore creatures that camouflage themselves as rocks using their shells, into which they can retract. They do not exhibit much in the way of social behavior, and can be extremely competitive, particularly when having spotted the fruit they favour. If there are no predators present, Grolluscs that have spotted a fruit may shed their shells to gain a speed advantage.

Shelled Grolusc

Shelled grollusc creature

The Hophopop (Aracida luminata), pronounced HOP-hoe-pop, is a common insectoid noted for its unique autotomic anti-predator adaptation: when threatened, the Hophopop expels one of four glowing pods from inside its body. These pods are used to store biofluids, and may be consumed by the predator or serve as a distraction. Should the Hophopop expel all four pods, however, its body will break in two and it will perish.


Hophopop creature

The Onkifurt (Aerocherus olidus) is a flying predator endemic to the Savanna. Its most distinctive feature is its gas-filled sac, which allows it to float, but which can also discharge gas as a form of attack. When flying, the Onkifurt's eyes continuously scan the landscape below for threats or prey, but when the Onkifurt lands, its flight-optimized anatomy creates a major blind spot. This evolutionary quirk can be exploited by the Trebhum.

Onkifurt (Male)

Onkifurt creature

The Glickbol is the earliest developmental stage of Glossosphairium polymorphum, which eventually metamorphoses into the creature known as a Tonglegrop. Encased in a thick, translucent membrane filled with gelatinous material, the larva absorbs nutrients via osmosis and is only capable of controlling its movement by awkwardly exerting pressure on the inside of the membrane with its tongue.


Glickbol creature

The Omnogrom (Stomatotherium omnogromis) is a fierce predator of the Savanna, characterized by its thick protective skin, small brain, and enormous, powerful jaws lined with teeth capable of breaking almost any carapace or shell. Its only weakness, apart from its extremely modest brain capacity, is its limited field of vision. Having only two simple eyes on opposite sides of its body, the Omnogrom has two significant blind spots.


Omnogrom creature

The Tonglegroplet or Juvenile Tonglegrop is the second developmental stage of Glossosphairium polymorphum; it has already developed many of the characteristics of the fully-grown Tonglegrop, but is smaller and remains herbivorous, scooping up plants with its a long tongue. Tonglegroplets are generally nonaggressive and easily avoided, but can become hostile if approached too closely.


Green tongle groplet

The Tripobosh (Polyrinus pilosus) is a solitary predator adapted to life in the Tundra. As its antenna-like eyes are vestigial, it relies heavily on its sense of smell, using its three elongated snouts to locate prey. Under these trunks hides a sharp, deadly beak. The Tripobosh is a fast runner, and once focused on its quarry it can be hard to shake. It will attack using its beak and its claws, and will not be intimidated by large groups.


Tripobosh creature

The Great Gaaahr (Aerotherium camelopardalis) is a megafaunal desert herbivore so enormous in size that its feeding process could be mistaken for a sandstorm. What appears to be its neck, with a small head on top, is in fact a proboscis-like organ, part of which can open to reveal a mouth, which it uses to inhale vast amounts of matter. While it will generally focus on eating specific plants, a great deal of additional material will get sucked in.

Great Gaaarh

Great gaarh creature

Little is known about the Celestial Trewhaala (Cetovermis nebulae). These majestic creatures, their heads crowned in crystals, dwell high up in the stratosphere, descending only rarely, seemingly to defend certain locations. Their true nature and origins remain mysterious, but a story recorded in the Trebhum genetic memory cluster suggests they are not native to this planet, having come here in response to "a song sung by the Trebhum."

Celestial Trewhaala

Celestial Trewhaala creature

The Squadaboo (Kakistoteuthis terribilis) is a water-dwelling predator capable of mind control. They hunt in small packs, propelling themselves out of the water and into the air, where they can glide over short distances. They use this gliding attack to attach themselves onto their prey's head. When attached the prey loses all autonomy and motor functions. They are forced to walk to the body of water where it will drown and be eaten by the pack.


Squadaboo creature

The adult Tonglegrop (Glossosphairium polymorphum), initially mistaken for a separate species, is vastly greater in size than the juvenile form and has undergone several profound biological transformations. It is now capable of spraying a sticky, acidic substance, which also continuously drips down from its membrane, acting both as weapon and trap. It is, without a doubt, the apex predator of the Savanna.


Trongle grop creature

The Unifier is a large biomechanism that resembles a bacteriophage. Blind on its own, it is capable of encapsulating a Witness to function as its visual organ. Its auditory sense also allows it to detect targets via sound. The coil on the creature's underside is a dangerous weapon, continuously producing bursts of electrical energy capable of rapidly disintegrating organic matter.


Servant unifier creature

This chimeric being only has a single function - looking for creatures that other servants of the Eternal Cylinder can attack. It poses no danger on its own, but if it locates a target, it will produce a loud noise and seek out support. It generally prioritizes large creatures or groups, so a small group of Trebhum may be able to go unnoticed in certain situations. Witnesses are sometimes encapsulated by Unifiers, acting as their visual organ.


The Grashtuub (Tubus Maximus) is a cylindrical scavenger, enormous in size but surprisingly simplistic in anatomy. The creature's hollow interior, filled with spinning rows of teeth, doubles as both mouth and alimentary canal. It is possible for a foolhardy Trebhum to enter the creature's interior and retrieve rare organs before they are digested; unfortunately, reaching the center is very dangerous and requires considerable feats of agility.


The Zooshgarg (Aerotorus trebhumophagus) is an exceptionally dangerous large hovering predator with a particular taste for Trebhum meat. While in the air, the creature uses the eyes at the ends of its limbs to scan for prey, which it captures by generating a vortex using its torus. From there its helpless victims are grasped by a long tongue and pulled into the Zooshgarg's mouth, a horrible death featured prominently in many Trebhum folk tales.


The Liberator is one of the Eternal Cylinder's most dangerous servants. It will lie dormant under the ground, disguised as elements which seem alien to the Trebhum. Once it is revealed, the Liberator will attack. The mask-like structure that at first appears to be its head is its visual organ; the actual head lies underneath, and can emit an antigravity beam that pulls objects in. The objects are then vaporized by the intense energy field.


The Cleanser is a chimeric being that acts as a scout for the Mathematician, scanning and eliminating creatures in the Eternal Cylinder's path. Its mechanical front half can emit a highly-focused energy field that has an antimutagenic effect on Trebhum.


Servant cleanser creature

The Eternal Cylinder is a mobile megastructure of unknown origin and a potential universal ontological singularity. It has destroyed and absorbed countless civilizations over the billions of years of its existence, and will do the same to the Trebhum. It can be delayed, but it has never been truly stopped.

The Eternal Cylinder

Eternal Cylinder Environment Screenshot

50+ Unique mutations

Players can unlock more than 50+ unique mutations as they explore the world. These include traversal options such as the ability to fly and swim, as well as new offensive tools like the ability to spit fire and create loud noises. Players can stack mutations creating an expansive, ever-evolving skill set.

This trunk lets the Trebhum make a sound that will startle or frighten predators - at least temporarily.

Trumpet mutation

With webs between its toes, a Trebhum can not only swim faster but can also perform high jumps out of the water.

Webbed mutation

An armored body that protects a Trebhum against small predators. However, the armor’s plates cannot resist heat.

Turtle mutation

A Trebhum with this type of trunk can create a small tornado in front of itself.

Tornado mutation

The most common body type allows Trebhum to store a finite number of objects collected via the trunk.

Storage mutation

With this eye, a Trabhum can search any object it has stored in its genetic memory.

3rd eye mutation

These legs allow a Trebhum to accelerate rapidly and to run more quickly in general.

Quick sprint mutation

With this tunk, the Trebhum can safely explore areas full of toxic fumes.

Filtered mutation

This balloon-like body allows a Trebhum to float in the air at will.

Balloon mutation

With these legs, a Trebhum can jump higher than usual.

Grasshoper mutation

Spiky fur will prevent most predators from eating a Trebhum.

Cactus mutation

A fury Trebhum is more resistant to cold.

Fur mutation


Destructoid - 9/10

"An out-of-this-world survival adventure."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Outlandish, delightful."

PC Invasion - 9.5/10

"One of the most compelling stories I've seen in years."

GameCritics - 9.5 / 10

"An unforgettable experience."

DigitallyDownloaded.net - 4.5/5

"One of the most enjoyably weird games of recent years."

Softpedia - 9/10

"Wildly imaginative."

The XBoxHub - 4/5

"A truly original piece of gaming."

Metro Game Central - 8/10

"One of the most enjoayble games of recent years."



Seumas McNally Grand Prize Finalist 2022‍


Excellence in Visual Art Finalist 2022


Best Game Latin Americ Finalist 2022‍

BIG Festival

PC Game Survivor Game Gold Winner 2021

NYX Game Awards

PC Best Art Direction Grand Winner 2021

NYX Game Awards

People's Choice Best of 2020 Award Nominee


Eternal Cylinder Environment Screenshot

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